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S4GA Obstruction Lights for International Warsaw-Radom Airport

Warsaw – Radom Airport, a prominent transportation hub in Poland, sought a lighting solution that would not only meet international standards but also ensure the highest level of safety and efficiency. Faced with certification requirements, time constraints, and specific design needs, the airport turned to us for our expertise in delivering innovative lighting solutions.

Challenges that the AIRPORT faced

As an international airport, Warsaw – Radom Airport had to comply with rigorous certification standards, including those mandated by the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). It was imperative to select a lighting system that met the EASA regulations for all components, including the SP-102S obstacle (OBS) lights. The airport required a solution that would be fully compliant and certified for international use.

Time posed another significant challenge. With the airport already operational, a swift implementation of the lighting system was crucial to ensure uninterrupted and efficient operations. The project demanded a partner capable of delivering within a tight timeframe without compromising on quality.

Benefits of Using S4GA Solar Lights

S4GA emerged as the ideal choice for Warsaw – Radom Airport due to several key factors. One of the primary considerations was S4GA’s SP-102S OBS lights, which were certified for international airport use, meeting the rigorous EASA standards. This certification ensured that the lighting system complied with all necessary regulations, providing peace of mind for the airport authorities.

Additionally, S4GA’s lighting system offered a complete self-enclosed design, with solar panels integrated within the lighting units. This design not only provided an aesthetically pleasing solution but also offered the necessary battery capacity and appropriately sized solar panels to operate efficiently in Poland’s diverse climate throughout the year.

Despite the time constraints, S4GA successfully met the airport’s requirements and delivered a reliable lighting solution within the specified timeframe. To ensure a seamless transition and optimal utilization of the lighting system, the airport’s technical team participated in a comprehensive, hands-on technical training session provided by S4GA’s Center of Excellence, taking advantage of their proximity.

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The collaboration between Warsaw – Radom Airport and S4GA exemplifies the significance of selecting a dependable lighting solution provider. If your airport is in need of reliable and efficient aviation lighting solutions, S4GA is here to assist you!

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