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UK: S4GA FREE Trial Program for Regional Airport in Wales

England is often referred to as “foggy Albion” for good reason. Despite this, an airport in Wales decided to test the reliability of solar-powered airfield lighting, even in “non-flying” weather conditions and high levels of cloud cover. To do so, they joined S4GA’s Free Trial Program to determine whether this modern solution could outperform traditional lighting methods!

feasibility study

Firstly, we researched data regarding the safe number of hours per day that the solar airfield lighting can be activated at the selected intensity level. If the solar AGL system is operated for no more than the specified simulated hours, it can function without any disruptions caused by power outages or drained batteries. See the number of daily operating hours depending on intensity level and month below.

The  Feasibility Study utilized the PVGIS system, which is an EU-approved online tool that employs satellite-based solar historical data to simulate the performance of solar-powered equipment in a specific location!

On-site testing

During the trial period from 12.09.2022 to 24.10.2022, the weather was unfavorable, with intermittent rain and cloudy skies (the average level of cloud cover was almost 70%). Despite this, the S4GA Solar Airfield Lighting managed to operate smoothly, providing the necessary lighting to ensure safe landings and take-offs.

During S4GA FREE Trial in the UK, all lights have been tested for 42 days. The actual duration of operations has by far exceeded the simulated duration. Most of days light has been activated at 100% intensity for longer than the maximum simulated duration. Lights have been activated for 583 hrs in total during the trial period. The maximum simulated duration was projected at 334 hrs. Actual duration exceeded by 75% the one that has been simulated.

During the S4GA FREE Trial in the UK, the battery level of every light is monitored. Reading of battery level is collected every hour. Daily battery level is calculated as an average of hourly readings.  Runway edge light in particular had a lower battery level compared to threshold-end and taxiway edge lights due to higher power consumption and extra optics for the runway edge light.


Despite adverse weather conditions, the solar-powered airfield lighting proved to be highly functional and allowed the airport to operate at full capacity. Furthermore, the easy installation and low maintenance requirements make this solution highly suitable for regional airports!

  • All lights have successfully passed the solar autonomy test;
  • All lights have exceeded the maximum simulated duration: Real duration of operations was 75% higher than the maximum simulated ones. The average daily time when the light was activated was 14 hrs/day
  • 99% of the time lights were activated at 100% intensity level

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