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Portable Runway Lighting for Vojvodjanska privredna avijacija, Serbia

S4GA has delivered SP-102 portable runway lighting system to Vojvodjanska privredna avijacija, Serbia.

Mosquito control from the air

There is a small organization in Serbia providing spraying mosquitoes by plane. They use local airfield with 600 m runway for season flight operations. Every year from March to September, they spray fields with substance for the destruction of mosquitoes.

Temporary runway lighting

In July 2017, airfield management requested S4GA for temporary runway lights that can be easily deployed on the airfield and help pilots to do safe landings and takeoffs in rough weather conditions. They were going to use the lights only from March to September. In winter season the lights are kept in a hangar.

S4GA offered SP-102 portable lights stored in simple protective casings.

So far, S4GA has illuminated a lot of regional airfields and airstrips with portable runway lighting – in Europe, Asia and Africa.






July 2018