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Military Airport in Libya


S4GA company has successful executed Hybrid Airfield Ground Lighting delivery for military airport located in Libya. We worked with local partner that bought equipment and performed installation.
In 2015 S4GA has been contacted by construction company from Libya planning to install airfield lighting at military airbase. Customer considered conventional lighting however has very little experience in area of airfield lighting. Airbase has old lighting We offered this customer S4GA hybrid AGL.

vandalized infrastructure of airbase

The aim of this project was to illuminate airport where all previously installed lighting has been vandalized or did not function properly. Therefore we needed to install new airfield ground lighting system. One of the limitations we had was lack of stationary power grid at this airport as it is located in the desert area.

airside layout design

Due to lack of airside documentation – S4GA project team had to prepare complete layout of airbase. Project included designs of types and locations for guidance signs and horizontal markings for runway lighting and taxiway.

scope of performed works

Scope of works that had to be performed included installation of runway and taxiway lighting together with control & monitoring interface, new markings, guidance signs and illuminated windsock. S4GA offered lighting system design support, delivery of complete system and supervision of installation works.

After few months S4GA has prepared airside layout, successfully delivered ordered equipment and helped us to perform installation. Installation works have been done by our local team. It has been almost a year since we installed S4GA lighting system and it has been functioning properly since then.



Airfield Ground Lighting


March 2016


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