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Air Ambulance Helicopter Base

S4GA delivered solar helipad lighting for Polish Helicopter Emergency Medical Services (HEMS).

seasonal helicopter base

The HEMS manages twenty-one permanent and only one seasonal base. The modern HEMS fleet consists of 27 Eurocopters EC135 and 2 Piaggio P.180 Avanti turboprop planes.

The seasonal base in Zegrze Pomorskie (Poland) operates from June till September. Due to the lack of navigation lighting, in the past years it functioned to a very limited extent, because helicopter could not land after sunset.

24/7 availability

In order to enable 24-hour operations, the HEMS management has decided to install FATO and TLOF lighting along with the illuminated wind direction indicator.

S4GA has demonstrated the solar lighting system at the HEMS base in Kielce, allowing the HEMS pilots to check the visual range of the lighting units and activate the lighting system using the onboard helicopter radio. The S4GA system was positively rated by the HEMS management and pilots themselves.

hybrid helipad lighting

As a result of the tender for the supply and installation of the helipad lighting system for the seasonal HEMS base in Zegrze Pomorskie, the S4GA company was selected as a supplier, which, in cooperation with Skylar, supplied and assembled a hybrid (solar-powered and radio-controlled) FATO lighting system. As part of this tender, Skylar has installed inset TLOF lighting units, powered by an existing cable system. S4GA has also provided a UR-201 control unit that allowed for the integration of both hybrid (FATO) and cable (TLOF) systems.

The S4GA hybrid system has been successfully installed. The necessary measurements and helicopter reference flight have been performed, as well as the entry of the lighting system into the Registry of Aviation Ground Equipment maintained by the President of the Polish Civil Aviation Authority.



Solar Helipad Lighting


June 2016


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