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S4GA Online Academy


La Academia online de S4GA está disponible en español. Complete el curso en línea de S4GA ‘Aspectos Generales de Iluminación Solar de Pistas de S4GA’ y obtenga su certificado en iluminación solar para aeródromos de manera GRATUITA.


¿Qué es la Academia Online de S4GA?

La Academia de S4GA es una serie de cursos en línea sobre iluminación solar para aeródromos. El objetivo es compartir conocimientos sobre los sistemas de iluminación solar para aeródromos entre quienes trabajan en la industria de la iluminación de aeródromos: ingenieros, consultores, diseñadores de aeropuertos.

El curso incluye 9 módulos que cubren diferentes especificaciones de iluminación solar de aeródromos como la cartera de productos, cumplimiento y certificación, instalación, casos de estudio y otros.

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Módulos del curso ‘Aspectos Generales de Iluminación Solar de Pistas de S4GA’

Introducción a S4GA Online Academy

Módulo 1. Sobre S4GA

Módulo 2. Iluminación Solar de Aeródromos. ¿Para qué aeropuerto es?

Módulo 3. Portafolio de Productos Solares

Módulo 4. Cumplimiento y Certificación de la OACI

Módulo 5. Control y Supervisión de la Iluminación Solar de Aeródromos S4GA

Módulo 6. Disponibilidad 365 Días al Año

Módulo 7. Protección de 5 Niveles Contra Fallas del Sistema

Módulo 8. Estudios de caso de S4GA

Módulo 9. Instalación y mantenimiento de iluminación solar para aeródromos

Examen final

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Online Course for AGL Specialists

S4GA Online Course Solar Runway Lighting Overview is dedicated to S4GA solar airfield lighting system. It will be beneficial and valuable for airport engineers, electrical engineers, AGL maintenance managers, airport consultants and planners, airfield lighting suppliers, and other AGL industry specialists who want to stay in line with the newest airport technologies.

The online course includes 10 Modules covering different specifications of solar airfield lighting. Each Module includes one or two short videos and a short quiz.

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Structure of Online Course Solar Runway Lighting Overview

Module 1. About S4GA

In this Module, You will find out what is S4GA, who we are and what we do, the Company’s main activities, customers, and S4GA global presence.

Module 2. Solar Airfield Lighting: What Airports Is It For?

Module #2 will explain the typical types of airports where solar airfield lighting can be installed. You will also find out the benefits of solar AGL for each particular type of airport.

Module 3. Solar Product Portfolio

Solar runway edge lights, solar taxiway lights, Airfield Lighting Control & Monitoring System, and other solar AFL products are described in this Module.

Module 4. ICAO Compliance and Certification

S4GA solar airfield lighting is compliant with ICAO Annex 14, Aerodrome Design Manual, and other aviation documents issued by international institutions. In this Module, there are the main ICAO norms described and S4GA compliance test reports given.

Module 5. Control & Monitoring of S4GA Solar Airfield Lighting

S4GA solar airfield lighting is controlled and monitored via ALCMS. In Module 5, there are the main ALCMS features and functionalities described, including Individual Light Status Monitoring.

Module 6. Availability 365 days a year

Solar airfield lighting operates 365 days a year using only solar energy. The system remains operational regardless of the weather, location, or season of the year. In this module, we explain how it works.

Module 7. Five-Level Protection Against System Failure

S4GA solution is a power-save runway lighting that is protected from total RWY lighting outage. It has 5 levels of protection against system failure – described in Module 7.

Module 8. S4GA Case Studies

More and more airports choose solar airfield lighting as a permanent illumination for their airfields. The reliability of S4GA solar systems has been proven by many airports all over the World. In this Module, we provide a few examples of successful implementation of solar AGL technology at international, regional, and domestic airports.

Module 9. Installation & Maintenance of Solar Airfield Lighting

Complete installation of solar airfield lighting can be done within 20-30 working days. It excludes the development of the electrical network, cables, and all trenching works related. Maintenance of solar AGL is simple and can be performed by local airport personnel. The details are described in the last Module of this Online Course.

Module 10. Final Exam

The final exam contains 34 questions related to all Modules of this Course. After successful completion of the quizzes in each Module, and passing the Final Exam, You will receive S4GA Digital Certificate.

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