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Webinar: Solar Airfield Lighting Design in 4 Steps

This S4GA webinar is dedicated to the process of designing Solar Airfield Lighting in 4 simple steps. What these steps are and what kind of support S4GA provides – explained during the webinar by Mr Dmytro Kuczeruk.

An informative webinar for all AGL Designers, Airport Consultants, Airport Authorities, and other aviation professionals. You can learn more and find answers for questions such as:

  • Why should I add a solar solution to my AGL design?
  • How S4GA can support me in the RIBA stages?
  • What is a FREE trial of S4GA solar system and how can I get it?

All these and even more questions were answered by the host of the webinar –  Mr Dmytro Kuczeruk, S4GA Business Development Manager and expert in the aviation industry.

  • Video & Multimedia
  • Product Description
  • Video & Multimedia
  • Product Description


Questions and Answers

Q1: How the guide line lights would be solar and how
it would be operated?
A1: The guide light is provided with individual small solar engine – combination of solar panel and battery powerbank. Solar engine is equipped with wireless controller. The signal is send from thr system to the wireless controller and that’s how we activate the runway guide light.
Q2: How can the fixtures meet with the frangibility requirements?  A2: Our fixtures are installed on the special frangible coupling and the entire fixture is tested against frangibility requirements defined by ICAO. In case of impact the lighting fixture will break and fly away from the mounting platform.

Watch the video of frangibility test here.

Q3: How long does the backup run in case of low visibility or rainy weather? And what about the guidance signboards – are they also solar? A3: In case of low visibility or rainy weather the light will still remain charging, but the charging speed will decrease. Longibility depends on the specific weather conditions. The guidance signboards are also solar.
Q4: Are these solar lights approved by ICAO & FAA regularity
requirements for CAT I, CAT II & CAT III lighting systems? What are the limitations of the solar systems?
A4: We offer precision CAT I runway compliant lights. ICAO says that if you put lights on such runway, thay have to comply with photometrical requirements, chromaticity, frangibility, jet-blast and all these criteria are met by S4GA lights. In regards to limitations, we need to speak about a specific airport project.
Q5: Have you experienced any reflection problems due to solar panels? If yes, how did you fix it? A5: No, we have not experienced reflection problems, because solar panel size is very small and black so it rather absorbs light that reflect it.
Q6: How are the lights/signage and system as a whole maintained? Is there a product guarantee/warranty? What is the expected maintenance cycle and lifespan of the system? A6: What you have to absolutely take care of are the batteries – every 2-3 years batteries in each light have to be exchanged ans as long as you do it the system will for for a very long time. Ocasionally we have to exchange faulty LED optics or radio unit. Lifespan of the system is designed for at least 20 years time.

We have a whole webinar dedicated to maintenance here.

Q7: How and how fast can you be made available in case a repair work need to be conducted? A7: You don’t have to rely on S4GA – we usually have a local integrating company trained to perform any maintenance action. The system is also sent with so-called minimum service kit – boxes with spare parts. We use ALCMS remotely to learn about what is not going right and we suggest how you can perform self-maintenance.

The warranty of the lights are 24 months and can be extended to 36 or 48 months.

Q8: Is S4GA affiliated with any other large suppliers to provide confidence to the customer? A8: For every market we affiliate ourselves with a local AGL integrating company that have experience in conventional systems, we train them as well as the airport personnel.
Q9: What is the lifetime of the batteries? A9: The lifetime of a battery is 4-5 years, however depending on the climate this lifespan can wary, we recommend to exchange batteries every 2-3 years.
Q10: Do the S4GA solar lights have any anti-theft features such as GPS monitoring or power cut-out when stolen? A10: We can optionally equip our solar lights with a movement sensor that would trigger an alarm in the ATC tower, in case the light is moved in any direction.


Watch webinar on Youtube

References from Participants

I found the webinar very interesting and insightful. The reason I attended is that I am interested in every topic that is related to renewable energy sources and sustainability. I try to extend my horizon in relation to application areas of renewables, new tech, innovation and suppliers whenever the opportunity arises.

Atilla Öztürk, Chief Commercial Officer at TD Team, Turkey

Thanks for the webinar which I found very informative. I’m an electrical engineer working for Ramboll (Aviation), based in Copenhagen, specializing in airside infrastructure including AGL and see the potential for solar AGL systems for number of airport solutions.

Derek Murphy, Chief Specialist at Rambøll, Denmark

The webinar was very interesting. I attended to know more about the system and consider in our future design projects. My colleagues from the engineering team already attended previous webinars, so we have a good appreciation of your solution.

Enric Cuadras Oliva, Principal Airport Planner at Mott MacDonald, United Kingdom

It is indeed helpful because I am an Electrical engineer, working at the Airport in Nigeria, I learned a new ideas in Airfield lighting systems. Thanks a lot. While I look forward that one day our management will contact you for an improvement in our runway lighting system.

Ijeh Nnamdi, Nigeria

Very interesting presentation. I am a consultant and from time to time a received question and contract about the solar system. I need to keep up to date with what manufacturer have to offer. I was a bit of surprise about the possibility to have a high-intensity runway edges light. This can open many opportunities since many airports that I work for required High Intensity runway edge light.

Richard Larivée, ing. P.Eng.  Avia Rupta Solutions Inc, Canada

The Webinar was educational and well knowledgeable. I got to know more about solar AGL systems during this webinar. I attended the webinar to learn more about solar AGL and how to utilize the Solar AGL systems in upcoming projects in India, Middle East and Australia.

Santhosh Radhakrishnan, Project Management Consultant at Airport Consult Australia

The subject training was useful and gave an idea about Solar Runway Lighting. I have been following S4GA products and solutions for my career development.

Sudhan Selvaraj, Product Manager at Science & Technology Division, UAE

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