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SP-102S Solar Obstruction Aviation Light – Certificates

This S4GA webinar is dedicated to the process of designing Solar Airfield Lighting in 4 simple steps. What these steps are and what kind of support S4GA provides – explained during the webinar by Mr Dmytro Kuczeruk.

An informative webinar for all AGL Designers, Airport Consultants, Airport Authorities, and other aviation professionals. You can learn more and find answers for questions such as:

  • Why should I add a solar solution to my AGL design?
  • How S4GA can support me in the RIBA stages?
  • What is a FREE trial of S4GA solar system and how can I get it?

All these and even more questions were answered by the host of the webinar –  Mr Dmytro Kuczeruk, S4GA Business Development Manager and expert in the aviation industry.

SP102S – Solar runway Edge Light (LIRL)

Low intensity, omnidirectional optics; designed for permanent usage at airports located in regions without access to electricity and with high photovoltaic potential.

S4GA low-intensity runway edge light (LIRL) is an elevated airfield light, white (clear), remotely controlled (optional), and powered by solar energy.


ICAO (Global), EASA (Europe), FAA (USA), CASA (Australia), AFAC (Mexico), TP312 (Canada), CZ CAA (Czech Republic), STANAG (NATO Countries)Check certificates


  • High autonomy
  • Fast solar charging
  • High visibility
  • 20 years lifespan
  • Tested and certified
  • Remote Radio Control (optional)

Rubber Pad for Solar Helipad Lights

Rubber Pad is designed to firmly place SP-401S fixtures on any surface. This solution is equipped with holes to allow mounting the base with a solar panel.

Applicable for Different Surfaces

  • asphalt/concrete surfaces
  • grass/ground surfaces

Mobile Touchscreen with HLCMS System

Mobile Touchscreen with HLCMS allows remote control and monitoring of S4GA helipad lighting systems. Robust design and security options make S4GA Mobile Touchscreen the best fit solution for the most demanding customers – civil and military.

Key Features

  • Capacitive multi-touch screen
  • 4200 mAh Li-ion smart battery
  • Integrated GPS
  • Vibration & 6ft (1.8m) drop resistant

HLCMS for Helipads

S4GA HLCMS is a Helipad Lighting Control and Monitoring System designed to provide full remote control and monitoring of helipad lighting. S4GA HLCMS consists of Computer Interface integrated with UR-201 Control and Monitoring Unit. It features an open interface for integrating with the existing conventional helipad lights control system.


  • Individual Light Status Display
  • 1-6 Groups/Circuits Control (optionally up to 12)
  • Up to 5-step Light Intensity Setup (optionally 6-steps)
  • Operating Mode Setup (Visible/NVG/Remote/Autonomous)


  • ICAO Aerodrome Design Manual – Part 5 Electrical Systems / Chapter 10, clauses 10.1 – 10.12 & clause 10.14
  • ICAO Annex 14, Volume I – Electrical Systems Chapter 8, clauses 8.3.1 – 8.3.5

    EASA CS ADR-DSN.S.890 – CS ADR-DSN.S.890 Monitoring, clauses (a), (b) & (d)

    FAA AC 150/5345-56B – Specification for L-890 Airport Lighting Control and Monitoring System (ALCMS), clauses 3-7 & 9

Remote Handheld Controller for Helipad Lights

UR-101 Handheld Controller is designed to provide the User with the ability to remotely control the S4GA helipad lighting system


2014/53/EU Radio Equipment Directive, 2011/65/EU and 2015/863 RoHS DirectiveCheck certificates

Key Features

  • Grouping of lights: up to 5 groups
  • 3-step light intensity setup
  • Operating modes setup
  • Designed for hard operating conditions

Automatic Retractable High Mast FloodLight

S4GA Mobile Telescopic Floodlight Mast is integrated into a Portable Airfield Lighting Trailer. It allows airport personnel to load and unload aeroplanes safely. During the nighttime, floodlights can illuminate the whole area required to operate an aeroplane on the ground.

Key Features

  • Remote Activation Via Mobile Controller
  • Automatic Retractable Floodlight
  • Pneumatic Telescopic Mast
  • LED Type Flood Light

Protective Case for SP-401 Lights

Portable helipad lighting case, designed to quickly illuminate temporary helipads in accordance with ICAO:

  • Temporary helipads
  • Emergency helipads
  • Tactical helipads

Protective case accommodates 8 x SP-401 portable helipad lights (FATO, TLOF), and UR-101 Handheld Controller.


  • ICAO Annex 14 Vol. II (7th. Edition, July 2016)
  • FAA AC

Key Features

  • Built-in contactless charging for SP-401
  • Crushproof / waterproof / dustproof
  • Lockable system (metal lock for proper protection of lights)
  • Wheels and telescopic handle for easy transportation
  • Made of super-light proprietary HPX polymer
  • Stainless steel hasp protectors
  • An automatic purge valve balances air pressure