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Portable Airfield Lights FAQ

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What type of applications can your lights be used for?

S4GA portable aviation lights are suitable to illuminate runways, helipads and indicate aviation obstructions. Most typical application of this product are:

  • Emergency airfield lighting system
  • Portable airfield lighting
  • Portable runway lights
  • Solar taxiway lighting
  • Helicopter landing zone
  • Portable Helipad Lights
Are your helipad lights NVG-compatible?
Yes, SP-102 portable lights are equipped with infrared optics to support cover operations. You can choose between the following modes:

  • Visible
  • NVG
  • Visible+NVG
Do you offer any boxes or trailers to collect the lights?
Usually, we supply SP-102 in special rigid cases. Each case can accommodate up to 6 lights. However, if you need customized solution, we can manage that as well.
Is it pilot-activated aviation lights?
No. SP-102 portable lights are not equipped with VHF-activation. For such inquiries, we offer SP-401 hybrid airfield lights which can be remotely activated via pilot radio and GSM (cell phone).

What type of battery do you use in your portable lights?
It is 4.5Ah 6.0V Sealed Lead Acid Battery (SLAB). Unlike some of AGL manufacturers, we use standard battery type available worldwide. When it’s time to replace the battery, you can buy it in your local store, there is no need to order it from us.

What is the unit made of?
SP-102 body is made of non-corrosive aluminum. Each light can be equipped with frangible mounting concrete/asphalt or ground/grass surface.

Do you supply your products only in Europe?
No, we supply globally. Our portable airfield lights are used by civil and military customers from all over the World including Africa, Asia and Europe.

  • Product
  • Compliance
  • Installation & Maintenance
  • Performance
  • After-Sales Support

Are your products certified?
S4GA portable lights comply with ICAO Annex 14. There are two major requirements that every airfield lighting should comply with – those are photometric and chromaticity (color of light requirement). Both characteristics of SP-102 lights have been confirmed by accredited research institute. If You require official certificate of compliance please contact us.
What is the IP rating of your lamps?
All SP-102 portable aviation light are IP-65. Unit has been tested by third-party accredited laboratory. If You require official certificate of compliance please contact us.
  • Product
  • Compliance
  • Installation & Maintenance
  • Performance
  • After-Sales Support

How long it takes to charge the lights?
The lights can be charged:

  • Via charging station – 8 hrs
    Via solar panel (for SP-102 with solar upgrade*) – 12 hrs.
Can we replace battery on our own?
Yes, you can replace the battery on your own following simple instructions that we provide.
Can we fix / replace parts of portable lights on our own?
Yes, in most cases you are able to fix the failures on your own. But we recommend to contact us first so we can evaluate the damage and give precise instructions on how to solve the problem.
How often should I replace the batteries?
It depends on frequency of use. Lifespan of batteries we use is 1.200 cycles. If you use it every night, we recommend to replace it every 4-5 years.
Where can we source battery used in SP-102?
We use high quality (worldwide battery standard) VLRA batteries that can be sourced almost in every part of the World.
What is the lighting unit lifespan?
Lifespan of the lighting unit mainly depends on few components:
– Battery lifespan is calculated in cycles. S4GA battery offers 1.200 cycles. However, after 4-5 years the battery could start losing its capacity and should be replaced as soon as possible.
– LED can operate up to 50.000 hours or 25 years (assuming 40 hrs. of system operations per week).
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How long can the lights operate without charging?
From 25 to 100 hrs. Why? It depends of course on intensity level, mode set and type of the light. E.g. in steady mode on minimum intensity level fully charged battery can provide runway edge light with up to 36 hours of operations. With the same parameters, taxiway light (blue) will work for 105 hours. Taxiway light is required to provide much lower light output than runway edge light.
Are your lights halogen or LED?
We use LED. Lifespan of LED that we use is 50.000 hours.
How many intensity level steps?
3 levels of intensity: 10%, 30%, 100%.
Do your lights work in extreme temperatures?
Yes. Standard batteries operate in -20 to 50 ºC (-4 to 122 ºF). Special “Arctic” battery pack offers much greater range from -40 to 80 ºC (-40 to 176 ºF).
What is the weight of portable light?
2 kg


  • Product
  • Compliance
  • Installation & Maintenance
  • Performance
  • After-Sales Support

What is the warranty?
S4GA products are covered with 2-year warranty.
Do you provide your customers with spare parts in case of light failures?
Yes we do. Customers are provided with critical spare parts accompanied by training on how to exchange specific spare part if required.