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Aug 02 2022

National Police Air Support in UK chooses S4GA Solar Helipad Lighting

S4GA together with our partner Dewhurst Airfield Services, has been awarded to supply National Police Air Support of the United Kingdom with a Solar Helipad Lighting Solution.

S4GA Solar Technology FOR UK Policenational-police-air-support-uk

The  Police Air Support Unit assists front-line officers with crime investigations, anti-crime operations, traffic management, search and rescue, crime reduction initiatives, and tackling terrorism. It was first formed in 1992 and is granted a Police Air Operators Certificate by the UK Civil Aviation Authority. 

While the existing helipad lighting system has been showing its inefficiency and unreliability, bringing risk to flight operations, the UK Police started looking for a new, upgraded solution.

How will THE UK Police benefit from S4GA Solar helipad Lighting?

In choosing the new lighting system few key factors indicated S4GA as the leader with advanced solar helipad lighting technology:

S4GA Solar Helipad Lighting for Blackpool Airport, UK

  • High reliability
  • Remote VHF activation
  • Easily deployed and moved – no cabling infrastructure
  • 15 nights of autonomy
  • NVG-compatible
  • 10 km visibility range
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Proven technology – today, S4GA Solar Helipad Lighting is used by military, police, air rescue, and border guards all over the World, proving S4GA to be the best and most reliable technology, for even the most demanding customers.

Thanks to the S4GA Helipad Lighting Solution, the UK Police Air Support Unit will ensure its availability 24/7, bringing the safety of its’ nighttime flight operations to the next level.

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