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Sep 06 2018

New LED for runway lighting – MORE brightness, LESS energy consumption

S4GA R&D Team has recently announced a new optics for its SP-401 airfield light. Now LED optics is made of glass which gives few advantages over previously used lens made of polycarbonate

glass or polycarbonate?

Plastic and glass optics for LED module in SP-401 airfield light

  • Glass optics has much smoother light distribution in required angles which means lower power consumption with the same brightness. In other words, now the light will work longer without recharging.
  • Glass is more weather resistant comparing to polycarbonate. This is crucial for sunny and sandy regions where polycarbonate parts stale faster. Dome in SP-401 light which protects LED module is also made of glass.
  • Easier replacement of LED module. SP-401 runway light has a convertible optical head. In simple words, airport personnel can convert blue taxiway lights to red obstruction lights by simple replacing of LED optics. A new glass optics has better positioning over LED module which means better accuracy of its replacing


S4GA is constantly investing in R&D to make its product more reliable, safe and long-lasting. The company has its own photometrics laboratory, the quality of the lights has been tested and approved by Intertek. To know more about S4GA products, please visit our website or contact us.