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Apr 26 2019

10.000 CD Solar Light To Make Your Runway SAFER

S4GA introduces new model of SP-401 light – High Intensity Solar Runway Light. The brightest solar airfield light in history – providing 10.000 cd light output.

Why solar HIRL has been designed?

S4GA is focused on delivery of World’s Safest Runway Lighting system. This is why every new product development, every new feature is subordinated to one goal -> increasing safety level of S4GA Solar AGL. For airports, 10.000 candela optics guarantees unprecedented visibility range comparing to any other available solar system

S4GA Solar HIRL Runway Light provides much better visual range than other solar airfield lights available on the market. This is another feature making S4GA system World’s Safest Runway Lighting.

Why this feature is so important?

High-Intensity Runway Lighting significantly increases safety of night operations. This is critical when runway is not equipped with an Instrumental Landing System. Reliable airfield lighting becomes a key visual aid for a pilot.

ICAO Compliance confirmed by Intertek: PASSED

S4GA Solar HIRL has successfully passed Intertek Certification for Photometry and Chromaticity in compliance with ICAO Annex 14.

What are alternatives on SOLAR AGL market today?

Other solar manufacturers offer low and medium intensity runway lights providing minimum 50 candela. New high-intensity SP-401 light provides 10.000 candela.

Want to know more about S4GA solar HIRL light ?

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April 29 – May 1, 2019

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