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Solar Obstruction Aviation Lights

sp-102 solar obstruction light

SP-102 solar aviation light is designed to operate in remote areas. It is powered by a built-in standard type battery and charged by solar energy. The light is fully autonomous: it can operate in remote locations without recharging. Rapid charging technology and optimally tilted solar panel ensure S4GA obstruction light is always in operation.

S4GA solar obstruction lights are used at different types of obstacles such as airports, wind turbines, buildings, towers. SP-102 solar obstruction light is a maintenance-free aviation lamp which works in the harsh weather conditions.

Solar Obstruction Lights Applications

  • Aviation lights for airport towers, airports and helipads
  • Temporary marking, hazard marking
  • Beacon lights, caution lights, barricade lights
  • Aircraft warning lights for buildings
  • Solar ICAO portable Low-Intensity Light Type A (10 cd)

SP-102 solar obstacle light is equipped with LED optics, compatible with Night Vision Goggles (NVG). The light can operate in visible mode, infrared (NVG) mode, or in both simultaneously.

The lights are equipped with 5W solar panel installed on the optimal tilt allowing to generate maximum solar energy thus charging battery faster.  The body of SP-102 is made of non-corrosive aluminium, LED optic is covered by glass dome or UV-resistant polycarbonate dome.

SP-102 Aviation LIght KEY FEATURES

  • Supports Visual & NVG operations
  • Operates on solar energy
  • Automatic dusk till dawn mode available
  • User-replaceable battery
  • IP-65 waterproof rating
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SP-401 – SOLAR obstruction light

SP-401 Solar Obstruction Light is ICAO compliant solar LED aviation light, type A low intensity, designed for usage as Obstacle light in Airports or Helipads located in regions without access to electricity and high photovoltaic potential.


ICAO, Annex 14th, Volume I, 7th Edition dated July 2016, Table 6-2 & Appendix 1, Figure A1-1b


  • Operates 365 Days On Solar Energy
  • Wireless Mesh Control
  • 280 hrs of Light Autonomy


  • Solar ICAO Low-Intensity Light Type A
  • Solar LED Aviation obstruction light
  • Solar ICAO unserviceable area light
  • Solar Barricade Light, Caution Light
  • Solar Hazard Light
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