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Webinar: Solar Airfield Lighting – Is It Feasible For My Airport?

Is solar runway lighting feasible solution for my airport? And how to correctly evaluate the feasibility of a solar system? Find your answer in S4GA webinar!

More and more airports consider switching to green energy and implementing solar airfield lighting. The trend is rapidly growing, proving its superiority over traditionally used, wired systems.

However, it also brings a lot of questions:

➡ Is Solar AGL a viable solution for me?

➡ How to correctly evaluate the suitability of a Solar AGL for a project?

➡ How to be sure Solar AGL will be a long-term system for my airport?

During this webinar, Mr. Dmytro Kuczeruk – S4GA Business Development Manager and expert in the aviation industry – answered all of the above and other questions regarding Solar Airfield Lighting’s feasibility.

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  • Video & Multimedia
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Questions and Answers

Q1: Do you have solar panels that can produce more than 20 Watts if needed? A1: Yes, it is possible to produce such a system that produces more than 20 Watts. It can be 30 or 40 if you want. But I will show you later that for the most location the 20 Watt solar panel provides a sufficient amount of operational hours.
Q2: Can S4GA be used at international airports?  A2: Yes, S4GA can be used at international, regional, and domestic airports. But of course, there are some details that are needed to be discussed prior to the installation of the solar system at the international airport.
Q3: How do you decide on 33 degrees slope angle A3: So why 33 degrees slope angle is fixed and not adjustable? We figured out that in order for the light to withstand the jet blast or heavy wind you need to fix the solar panel firmly to the light. Otherwise, it would be disintegrated by the jet blast.  
Q4: Can existing LED lights inset be integrated with S4GA system? A4: Yes, we can integrate the power control of the inset lights with S4GA ALCMS. Moreover, inset lights can be powered by solar energy, but financially it is not really feasible. So when we select airports where we install solar lights, we mostly focus on airports that have no centerline. For example when it comes to CAT I, runway lighting system does not require inset center lights, so we focus on this kind of airport.
Q5: At any given time only one battery is used. The second battery is back up, am I right? A5: Yes, there are two batteries in the system. First is the primary source of power, the second one is beck up. But the idea is that both batteries can be the backup for each other. So doesn’t matter which one would fail, the second one will continue to power the light.
Q6: Does S4GA can integrate an existing airport with an inset and elevated LED in full from conventional to solar if asked for a recently installed light? If yes then can you share any case study? A6: We do have the capability of combining solar and conventional systems. However, this topic requires more explanation. In case of need of such explanation please contact us directly.


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