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Portable Helipad Lighting


S4GA introduces portable helipad lighting kit (PHLK). Certified LED heliport lights are designed to start night operations practically anywhere. S4GA portable helipad lights are compliant with ICAO and FAA technical requirements aviation lights. They are used as portable helicopter landing zone lights by military, police, air ambulance, search and rescue services. Helipad lights are also NVG compatible which is often required by military customers.

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The basic element of PHLK is portable SP-102 aviation light. The kit includes six SP-102 heliport lights, OCT-102 charging station and bespoke case with shock-absorbent foam. The product is ideal for emergency, military, police, search and rescue, air ambulance.


  • Temporary helipad lighting
  • Temporary heliport lighting
  • Helicopter landing zone lights
  • Emergency helipad lighting
  • Portable and backup lighting for helipad/heliport
PHLK can be easily turned into semi-permanent system by upgrading it to 100% autonomous Solar-Powered version.Read more

Optional mounting stake allows to easily fix SP-102 lightu to any type of surface (including tarmac, grass, asphalt or concrete). Durable mounting stake is made of high-quality non-corrosive, galvanized stainless steel. Mounting for concrete complies with ICAO frangibility requirements.

What distinguishes S4GA lights from products of other helipad lighting suppliers is unique LED optics allowing to achieve high visibility range – up to 10 km. It is critical for pilots when landing in adverse weather conditions like fog or heavy rain. Moreover, aluminium body and UV-resistant polycarbonate dome protect helipad light from deterioration.


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