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South African Police Service (SAPS)
South African Police Service (SAPS) Lieutenant Colonel, Support Head: Section Air Wing Operational Responce Services, HCC STRUWIG


We would highly recommend SP-102 S4GA Portable Landing Light Unit and service received to all new customers



On behalf of the South African Police Services I wish to confirm that Massive Quantum (Pty) Ltd has successfully supplied and delivered helicopter Portable Landing Lights to the South African Police Services. The service which we received from Massive Quantum (Pty) Ltd was exceptional and the landing lights, manufactured by Solutions4GA LLC was of extremely high quality.

  • The product manufactured by Solutions4GA LLC is of very high standard.
  • The landing lights are easy to operate and to install for both fixed wing and helicopter aircraft landing zones.
  • The Pilots are very impressed on the product and the easy utilization of it.