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Become S4GA Distributor

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S4GA is actively looking for successful companies operating within airport infrastructure business.
If you are tired of competing with other companies that offer your customer the same product you do, the entire process is only about “who will offer the lowest price” than we invite to read how you can change it if join forces with us.

minimize impact of price competition on your business

Many airport infrastructure related companies contact us today in order to source elements of conventional airfield ground lighting ( lights, constant current regulators, transformers, cables, etc.). Sometimes we are contacted by several companies looking to source equipment for the same project. By the end of the day those companies are forced to join price-based competition. Manufacturers of conventional airfield ground lighting (CONV-AGL) almost never work directly with end-users but instead they are presented by local dealer that cooperates with installation companies or AGL equipment suppliers. Conventional AGL manufacturer’s business usually is about selling parts.

In case of conventional AGL there are maybe several parties involved in the process (end-user, consulting engineers, general contractor, electrical subcontractor, electrical equipment supplier and AGL equipment supplier). The main reason for that is technical complexity of conventional system. It requires expert knowledge which end-user does not usually possess. All those parties are competing against each other based on pricing and nothing else because they all are trying to offer the same technology (or eve the same brand).

Outperform Competitors By Using Our Unique Business Model

S4GA’s model of distribution is different: we do project-based business by delivering turn-key solutions for the end-user via local distributor. Unlike conventional AGL installation of S4GA Solar AGL does not require advance engineering knowledge and can be performed even by airport staff supervised by S4GA.

S4GA has chosen different model – instead of supplying you with parts of the system – we provide you with plug-and-play stand-alone lighting system that can be installed in days. By working with us you do not have to re-sell lighting fittings, CCRs or isolating transformers (which could be sourced from few different companies). You can supply end-user with entire system on your own. Less intermediaries means also more profit for you and smaller price for the end-user.

mitigate your risks by investing in solar agl

Conventional AGL consists of multiple elements that are usually sourced from various manufacturers and installed by various companies. Due to involvement of several parties during the installation of conventional AGL – there is often a situation when nobody is responsible for potential lighting malfunction or failure. General Contractor is usually the one who has to be responsible for work of electrical contractor. Electrical contractor transfers its responsibility on the AGL equipment supplier. AGL supplier, on the other hand, might have sourced faulty equipment from the AGL manufacturer. Such situations lead to distrust from End-User which might negatively influence futures business.

S4GA delivers entire system and takes full responsibility for its correct performance. Identification of potential faults is an intuitive and fairly simple procedure. When one or few Hybrid lights are not functioning properly End-user can easily replace them with spare ones. There is no need for time-consuming fault identification or inviting electrical engineer to exchange the lights. The only thing that S4GA distributor is responsible for is logistics of faulty units to S4GA warehouse for replacement.