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Solutions4GA designs, manufactures and distributes Solar and Portable Airfield Lighting all over the World. Our manufacturing facility is located in Central Europe. Our products are in use by civil and military customers in Europe, Africa and Asia. For entire list of our applications please click here



Our customers choose to operate in remote areas like African Desert, Caribbean Islands or Jungles of Brazil where electricity is unreliable or unavailable. We supply them with reliable off-grid lighting for runways helipads and obstruction marking.


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Solar Airfield Lighting

Lighting system significantly expands aerodromes and helipad’s operations and has great impact on air safety - especially in areas of less dens airfield infrastructure. Out of 100.000 General Aviation airfields in the World only 10-15% have runway lighting. In order to address one of the GA challenges S4GA has developed runway lighting system dedicated for GA.

S4GA is the manufacturer of runway lights for airfields, airstrips and helipads and offers two major products. First one is autonomous lighting system that could be remotely activated and is ideal for permanent applications. The second product is mobile lighting kit that could be used for temporary and emergency illumination of runways, helipads and also be used as warning lights.

Solar runway lights

S4GA has developed lighting system that integrates solar charging, wireless control and remote activation of the lighting units via air-band radio and GSM. Company combined already existing technology like solar battery, LED high-emitting diode and transformed it into highly reliable, energy efficient and long-life airport runway lights that meet highest industry standards. LED was chosen as the most effective light source for autonomous applications because it is capable of providing illumination of adequate intensity and chromaticity level while consuming a little electricity.

System’s installation requires no expert knowledge and takes only few hours. System is easy to use and requires almost no maintenance. When used with solar panel it costs User truly nothing to run lights every night. No electrical cabling required, full autonomy and fast installation makes this off-the-grid system ideal for every type of airfield – from small remote grass airfields to medium-sized regional aerodromes. S4GA’s products are certified to comply with ICAO Annex 14 requirements.

S4GA system could be remotely activated via air-band radio by pilot from the “air” in case of emergency or outside airfield operating hours which does not requires ground crew presence. Runway lighting system could also be activated and monitored via GSM. All lighting units in the system are connected in single wireless mesh-network. Activating any unit automatically activates the whole system.

Standard S4GA runway lighting system for non-precision approach consists of runway edge lights and runway threshold lights. For permanent installations S4GA provides dedicated mounting for grass or concrete surface. For the customers that are looking for mobile lighting solution S4GA offers portable lighting kit that consists of six batteries powered lighting units with chargers. For transportation and easy handling of the lighting units S4GA provides dedicated box equipped with protective foam.

S4GA products are also designed for illumination of helipads and require no cable grid, which allows for quick and easy installation of semi-permanent helipad lighting.

Please see our promo video, which presents simplicity of operations of S4GA’s lighting system.

S4GA is currently working on expanding of its offer. The product list currently includes: elevated threshold lights, edge lights, taxiway lights and apron lights. Company also offers type A low intensity obstruction lights and type B low intensity obstruction lights. S4GA is working forward in order to deliver full selection of airfield lighting products including approach lights, centerline lights, airfield beacon, precision approach path indicator (PAPI).

Our lights for sale are already available for order. In order to discuss the solution you are looking for, get quotation or detailed information do not hesitate to contact us via email or telephone.

For pilots who want to quickly and securely lock their aircraft please check our newest product – tie-down kit. The details can be found on our web-site.